4G UCaaS Integration Services

Additional Services and Integration for your  UCaaS Deployment

Equipment that integrates with your UCaaS Solution

Paging Systems, POTTS Replacement, Door Entry, Call Recording, Toll Free Numbers and Housing DID’s.

POTS Replacement

Convert analog to digital for alarm, fire, elevator and fax line.

Door Entry Systems

Provide Door Entry and Keyless system that integrate with VOIPS systems. 

Call Recording

Record all inbound and outbound calls.

Equipment Updates for May 2020

POTS Replacement Equipement Data Remote CDS 9010 and 9090

4G/LTE Multicarrier, 3-port router (1 WAN/2 LAN), Wi-Fi Alternate PSTN connectivity: (2)-FXS Ports for Voice, FAX, Alarm, and Analog data. Up to 12 hours standby use.

Call Recording Systems

Call Logger allows you to record telephone calls to your computer for playback and archival. It includes a telephone coupler which your phone's handset cable plugs into. A second cable plugs into your computer's 3.5mm microphone/input jack. The Call Logger software application provides a variety of features to record, pause, and save your audio.

Viking Door Entry Systems

The AES-2000 Accessible Entry System provides both audio and visual assistance for those with disabilities. The LCD display with large 1/2” tall characters is back-lit and will display a directory of tenants as well as directions and prompts.

Site Qualification and Validation Tool

This tool provides important information to help you validate that your locations can support current and/or future installations of One Talk devices